First and foremost, this is a place for independent thinkers.

After decades of building businesses, I’m turning my attention to writing, producing podcasts, and advising the businesses I still have an interest in.

I spent the last four years building Royalty Exchange and recently handed the reins over to a very capable team led by Gary Young.

Now, I write (and talk) about the things that interest me and my independent thinking friends. Things like:

  • Living with the Long View, Farsightedness, and Definite Optimism.

  • The outrageous leadership void in today’s institutions and what we can do about it.

  • The fragility of money and markets and how to succeed with what’s coming next.

  • The strange reasons people do what they do.

  • How to carve out a useful and happy existence while we’re lucky enough to be here.

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I write about entrepreneurship, finance, philosophy, Leadership, Money, Farsightedness, and Definite Optimism. Lately, I've been producing a series of video interviews with Legendary Speculator, Economist, and my Mentor, Doug Casey.


Matthew Smith

Founder of Royalty Exchange. a jobs portal in the late 1990’s, an ad agency, a marketing analytics business, a real estate listings portal and several niche publishing companies. I do the podcast with Doug I live on a ranch in Uruguay.