$1.9T Spending Bill

Here's how that money will be spent...

What exactly is in this $1.9 TRILLION dollar spending bill? In today’s episode we break it down and put these incredible numbers in perspective.

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Episode Chapters

00:00​ Intro
2:55​ Americans broadly support stimulus checks
4:52​ Where's my $1,400?
5:35​ $480million for "Native American language preservation and maintenance"
6:22​ Bailouts for states and more
9:24​ $130b to reopen schools
11:15​ "Health Care"
13:24​ Utilities, public transport
14:40​ Pension Bailouts
15:09​ Test, Track, & Trace
18:41​ Unemployment payments, a backdoor to UBI?
23:46​ SNAP and aid to the homeless
27:25​ The best is yet to come
29:20​ Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
31:28​ Proof of the emerging feudal system
33:59​ Altered Carbon
35:12​ The hilarious absurdity of it all
37:32​ Will this be the catalyst for Retail Inflation?