A "Hot War" with China

Doug Casey's Take (ep. #12)

Picking up from Episode 11, Doug explains what a hot war with China might look like.  

  • Where the flashpoint between China and US might be

  • Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict could expand

  • US commitment to protect Taiwan

  • Why China is not Communist 

  • The limitations of aircraft carriers and other 70year old technologies. 

  • The problems with symmetrical warfare.  How future war will be asymmetrical and how that is deeply costly to the US. 

  • How the “5th column” might be part of any future conflict with China. 

  • The US government has 100 separate definitions for terrorism

  • New War making technologies - Drones, hypersonic weapons, nanobots, 

  • If nukes are used, how Doug thinks they’ll be deployed

  • Three types of armies: 

    • Mercenary Army

    • Slave Army

    • Militia

  • How internal conflict might drive the US into war

  • Early warnings that war might be on the horizon