Gary North on Conservatism, Best and Worst Presidents, and What Comes Next

Doug Casey's Take [ep.#140]

The great Gary North joined Doug and I for a wide-ranging and enjoyable conversation. If you’re not familiar with Gary, you’re in for a special treat.

According to Doug Casey, “Gary is a Genuine Genius who has read more books than anyone I know and certainly written more books than anyone I know.”


00:00:00 Introduction
2:18 History of conservatism
7:41 Worst Presidents in History
11:16 Smartest Presidents
13:04 Next 10 years?
20:35 Nisbet
26:22 Modern Monetary Theory
31:58 What to do?
39:25 Timing & future lockdowns
44:25 Crack up, boom
49:25 what does money buy you?
55:43 Feel good money
1:03:32 Closing remarks