How to Buy Royalty Streams

My wide ranging interview on The Wealth Standard podcast

I was recently interviewed by Patrick Donohoe on his Wealth Standard podcast. The plan was to talk about music royalties as an investment, but we ended up talking about so much more…

  • The non-correlated nature of music royalties

  • The real cause of the volatility swings in the stock & bond markets

  • The fact that so few individuals and companies were prepared for a rainy day

  • Stock buybacks & why bankruptcy is a good thing.

  • How the financialization of everything is going to cause even more damage

  • This isn’t capitalism and hasn’t been for a while

  • The music industry’s new attitude toward innovation

  • Ray Dalio’s children’s book, Spotify and so much more

It was a wide ranging conversation and a lot of fun. You might enjoy it too. You can get it on Apple Podcasts or watch it on YouTube.

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