James Kunstler and The Long Emergency

Doug Casey's Take [ep.#96]

In today’s episode, we’re joined by author and Renaissance Man, James Howard Kunstler. James has long anticipated the current societal disorder which he calls “The Long Emergency”.

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Kunstler’s Books discussed in this episode:

World Made by Hand
Living in the Long Emergency

Episode Chapters:

00:00​ Intro to James
4:41​ Society is fragile
8:30​ Foxfire
10:21​ Transportation & food supply chains
13:44​ Destruction of middle class
18:15​ Extinction
23:13​ Renaissance man - painting
27:31​ Momentum
30:09​ Criminals
37:14​ Great Reset
45:35​ The people around you
50:01​ racial strife
54:40​ vacuum for new leadership
1:01:40​ business opportunities
1:03:30​ skills

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