Ron Paul and the Future of Personal Liberty

Doug Casey's Take [ep. #107]

Today we're joined by the man who has done more to spread the message of peace and personal liberty than anyone else in my lifetime, Ron Paul.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00​ Intro
1:31​ Personal Liberty in the era of lockdown
5:58​ The nature of the problem is philosophic
7:46​ How congress has changed
8:51​ Emboldened socialists
13:45​ What about Rand Paul?
19:46​ Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians
21:19​ Who the Libertarian Party should be listening to…
21:47​ What motivated Ron to run for congress
24:54​ Trump
29:06​ Message and Messenger
33:57​ Trust in institutions
35:54​ Will there be civil war?
42:00​ Bolsheviks are in charge
47:40​ Ron Paul on Bitcoin and Crypto
52:41​ What should Americans do to prepare?