Mandates, family, silver, the financial crisis and more.

[ep.#151] Doug Casey's Take Viewer Q&A

Today Doug and I tackle some excellent viewer questions on Biden's mandates, ethical choices, silver, marriage, family, and much, much more.

If nothing else, please check out the section on family which starts here: 1:21:16. I’d love to hear your feedback on the ideas discussed here.


00:00 Intro

00:13 Where do you draw the line?

04:08 What’s Doug Gonna Do?

04:39 Ethical Clarity

05:49 The Frog in Boiling water

07:17 Australia

08:18 When will the financial system collapse?

10:26 Are we officially out of the eye of the hurricane?

12:22 The Mexico Conversation

15:30 Doug’s favorite music

17:53 Silver in the past and future

20:43 Familiar with Corbett?

22:19 What’s the first thing Doug notices when in a new country?

28:54 Are People suspicious of wealth now?

31:53 The Man in the High Castle

34:23 My job is mandating the xx what should I do?

37:15 investing in private placement real estate deals

41:49 Blackrock & Goldman

43:11 What’s happening in Uruguay?

46:56 Views on Singapore?

50:44 What about Seasteading?

53:42 New country in cyberspace??

55:32 El Salvador Libertarian paradise?

56:43 what made Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai so successful…

1:01:59 Finance jobs in rural areas

1:04:16 The risks of being an employee

1:04:56 Talk is Cheap and ethics matter

1:08:32 China and Taiwan

1:13:03 Doug’s Favorite FORMER CR analyst

1:16:56 Founders VS. Suits

1:18:49 Proof the Suits are in charge

1:21:16 Doug’s view on Marriage

1:24:36 Family is an institution

1:27:22 Polygamy?

1:28:33 Problems of a nuclear family

1:32:44 Why we cast aside elders?