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As an elder I am so thrilled that my family is going to take me in and care for me. I have things to impart to my children and grandchildren especially about, health, food and growing vegetables as I grew up on a farm. I plan to contribute to their welfare, taking over some simple tasks like dehydrating food. The government is going broke caring for the elderly in institutions. I am not rich but hope to leave them all some money and I hope we can survive what is coming together.

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I wanted to submit a question for the next Q&A but cannot find the correct avenue so I'll submit it here:

If power only becomes centralized as a function of government, in a complete anarcho-capitalist society, how would one prevent large corporations from monopolizing the military and creating a pseudo-government?

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I was dismayed that Doug mentioned that Casey Investments or The Casey Group would maybe no longer be around in a year!

I myself can’t buy warrants, etc, however my husband can, and I was hoping he’d do something with the lifetime Casey membership I bought. I don’t think he bothered! Frustrating!

FYI, within that group, I like Jeff Brown’s writing and, obviously, Doug Casey’s.

I don’t know much about investing, but I was bright enough to realize the bitcoin was a great idea when it was $150. I intended to buy 3 of them, but my husband ridiculed this idea, so I didn’t.

I did buy gold long before that when I was earning my Master’s degree. Not a lot, but it was all I had. Gold was cheap then!

It was bought and stored at Jonathan’s Coins (L.A.) for only a short time. Yet by the time they went out of business, all their/my inventory had disappeared!* 😕

* https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1985-03-19-mn-31723-story.html%3f_amp=true

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It seems that you’re listening/reading, Matt. I want to tell Doug (after his remarks that the Jan 6 protesters shouldn’t have gone into the Capitol building because the doors were closed), that there’s a lot more to the story than meets the media (nonexistent) standards of truth reporting. I’ve tried to send a couple of articles via Doug Casey’s Take and yours, but I don’t know how many are making their way through to you (I am not computer savvy), so let me send this link now for starters (I’ll try to send others as well):


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The almost monologue by Matt about family sounded a bit defensive. He should drop that. Think of the families that used to have 5 to 10 children far back in the day. I’m sure everyone took care of every family member, in whatever environment they found themselves in.

Regarding Doug, he seems rather mysterious in his attitude, as if he doesn’t have any strong sense of commitment. Has he ever fallen in love? Hard to believe he has, based on what he says (or avoids saying?). He’s not somebody I’d probably fall into a relationship with. Particularly that comment about “[Muslim] polygamy is fine, as long as everybody is a willing participant”. I laughed, what a hoot! As if Muslim women have a choice, lol. Not an environment I’d be real comfortable with. I’ll stick with the Judeo / Old Testament version of marriage, thank you.

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Hi. New here. Trying to understand how to use and make the most of subscribing as a founding member. I religiously listen Doug Casey’s Take and read Matt’s essays. All great stuff. Just wondering about the benefits of membership here. Is it just to post comments? I don’t mean to be snarky. I am just trying to understand how to use this platform. Thanks! Debbie

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