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It makes us look back since the inception of social media. Aka Facebook, Instagram etc.. and we can now see, that these platforms were never about allowing others to engage and connect with family and friend's across the globe. It was always "psychological" and about manipulating people to give over their information. It has also brought with it the demise of real world interactions, and heightened ego. Most spend their time engaging in virtual world dopamine hits, and know nothing about the world around them. Apathy is on the rise! We are in a color revolution and we're most certainly in the process of demoralization as society. We have been for a long time. As long we all spend out time arguing about perceived differences ( all by design and fueled by the media of course ) ie black, white, Democrat, Republican, trans, non trans, etc etc.. we will never be able to unite, and see that the enemy is not each other. Turning a blind eye to what is happening, won't solve anything either ( aka the people with their heads in the sand.. sitting on the couch ( including many men) hoping dopamine hits and virtual clicks will make it " all go away " .. It's evident there is no one, particularly in the political spectrum, that is coming to " save us all " . if we don't stand for something, we'll most fall for anything! Great read, Matt! :)

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Excellent "food for thought," Matt. It's so refreshing to be reading content that:

A) Confirms that I'm not crazy (i.e. I'm not the only one who thinks we are in the midst of a very sinister plot).

B) Talks about possible solutions to our situation.

I especially like that your approach is something I can PERSONALLY do. It's about what I can control. I don't have to persuade anyone else, which of course seems nearly impossible to do these days.

Thanks again for your positive message!

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